The total area of the plant, including two industrial sites is over 30000 m2. At both sites there are rail branch lines to loading platforms. The plant is connected by roads with the highway Moscow-Rostov and with the highway Kharkov-Kiev. At 3 kilometers from the plant is the Kharkov airport, next to the plant – a railway station.

The plant has the following types of technological production process: forging and stamping, mechano-stockpiling, assembly, instrumental. The production process is carried out at different universal and special equipment.

The company has five production workshops in its own structure, where taken by the main production of products:

  I. Petroleum field and special-purpose equipment

  II. Fuel-servicing trucks, tank-trailers

  III. Tanks for keeping of light oils

  IV. Municipal special-purpose engineering

  V. Cryobiological vessels (Dewar vessels)

  VI. Spare parts for railway movable units

The test stations and laboratories of the plant have equipment that allows provide the testing of welds by NDT methods – X-ray inspection, ultrasonic testing, gammagraphy, hydraulic tests on strength with pressure up to 800 kg/cm2 and pneumatic methods on leaks of vacuum via the tank with compressed air and pressure up to 400 kg/cm2.

Plant’s laboratories can produce all kinds of inspections mechanical properties of metals, to determine their chemical composition, perform incoming inspection of incoming materials.

The plant has a test station for testing tanks of fuel trucks as measures for check the full capacity, equipped with pumps, valves, measuring tanks, etc.

Most of the products produced by the plant, developed by designers of Special Design Department (SDD). SDB specialists can perform a work on the development of design documentation of new products from raw data of customers, followed by the development of manufacture of these products.