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About the enterprise

The Kharkov Plant of Transport Machinery was established on the 7th of September 1943. As a base for its establishment Osnovyanskij boiler-welding plant served.

By 1948 the plant had produced mainly barrels and tanks of different capacities. During 1949-1950 the plant mastered the production of fuel-servicing trucks and road tanks.

By 1991 the plant had been one of the main developers and suppliers of fuel-servicing equipment for the Armed Forces the USSR. Fuel-servicing trucks ATЗ-7-4310 and TЗ-2-66Д for airmobile forces are still in service.

The plant took a part in preproduction and mastering works appointed to develop special systems and units for rocket and space-rocket complexes, including pre-launch systems and surface infrastructure for all the sites of strategic function, which were and still are on the service.

Since nineties providing of oil and gas industry with different kinds of equipment became the major line of activity.

On the 18th of January 1971 the plant was awarded for successful plan execution with “Medal of Honour”.

For successful execution of special mission entrusted by the authorities of the USSR the plant was awarded with “Red Banner of Labour” by order of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet.

At the moment the plant supplies the petroleum field equipment for all the gas-and-oil producing organizations of Ukraine, also of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

The plant production is certified by standardization, metrology and certificate center of Ukraine (GosStandard of Ukraine). The production has perfect technical characteristics and meets the demands to quality.

The range of production includes the following main direction in manufacturing:

  I. Petroleum field and special-purpose equipment

  II. Fuel-servicing trucks, tank-trailers

  III. Tanks for keeping of light oils

  IV. Municipal special-purpose engineering

  V. Cryobiological vessels (Dewar vessels)

  VI. Spare parts for railway movable units